Healthcare Software Companies

A Partnership Overview with Voice Connect

In the fast-paced world of healthcare, staying connected and leveraging cutting-edge technology is crucial for delivering efficient and effective services. At Voice Connect, we understand the importance of collaboration with reputable healthcare software companies to provide seamless solutions for our clients. In this blog post, we'll provide an overview of our esteemed development partners and shed light on the innovative solutions they bring to the table.

EMIS Health is a leading provider of healthcare software, renowned for its comprehensive solutions designed to streamline patient care. Their commitment to innovation aligns seamlessly with Voice Connect's mission to deliver state-of-the-art communication tools for healthcare providers. Through our partnership, we aim to enhance connectivity and communication within the healthcare ecosystem.

SystmOne by TPP is a versatile clinical system that empowers healthcare professionals with advanced tools for patient management. Collaborating with TPP allows Voice Connect to integrate our communication solutions with SystmOne, contributing to a more cohesive and efficient healthcare experience for both practitioners and patients.

Cegedim Healthcare's Vision Clinical System is a robust platform designed to support healthcare providers in delivering high-quality patient care. Through our collaboration, Voice Connect aims to augment this system with seamless communication solutions, ensuring a holistic approach to healthcare management.

SANGIX specialises in online appointment management, providing a user-friendly interface for both healthcare providers and patients. By partnering with SANGIX, Voice Connect enhances our suite of communication tools, offering a comprehensive solution that seamlessly integrates appointment scheduling and communication within healthcare environments.

SwiftQueue stands out as a leader in queue management solutions for healthcare settings. Collaborating with SwiftQueue allows Voice Connect to provide enhanced communication tools, ensuring that patients and healthcare providers can navigate waiting times with ease and efficiency.

Collaboration with Healthcare Software Providers:

Voice Connect is proud to have built a network of strategic partnerships with esteemed healthcare software companies. By aligning our communication solutions with EMIS Health, TPP SystmOne, Cegedim Healthcare - Vision, SANGIX, and SwiftQueue, we aim to create a seamless and integrated experience for healthcare providers and their patients.

Benefits of Our Collaborations:

The collaboration between Voice Connect and our development partners brings forth a myriad of benefits. Healthcare professionals can expect improved communication, streamlined workflows, and enhanced patient experiences. By integrating our solutions with reputable healthcare software companies, Voice Connect is contributing to the evolution of modern healthcare, where connectivity is paramount, and patient care takes centre stage.

What is Patient Partner?

Patient Partner is a comprehensive communication solution by Voice Connect, designed to facilitate seamless phone interactions between healthcare providers and their patients.

How does Patient Partner integrate with EMIS Health?

Patient Partner integrates with EMIS Health to enhance communication capabilities, allowing healthcare professionals to efficiently connect patient requests within the EMIS Health system.

Can I use Patient Partner with TPP SystmOne for appointment scheduling?

Yes, Patient Partner seamlessly integrates with TPP SystmOne, providing a unified platform for both communication and appointment scheduling.

What benefits does Patient Partner bring to Cegedim Healthcare's Vision Clinical System?

Patient Partner enhances the Vision Clinical System by Cegedim Healthcare, offering advanced appointment management tools for patients contacting the practice by phone. These contribute to a holistic healthcare management experience.

How does Patient Partner collaborate with SANGIX for online appointment management?

Patient Partner and SANGIX work together to streamline online and phone appointment management. The partnership offers a user-friendly interface for both healthcare providers and phlebotomy patients.

In what ways does Patient Partner contribute to queue management with SwiftQueue?

Patient Partner integrates with SwiftQueue to improve queue management in healthcare settings, ensuring efficient communication, patients can check and cancel appointments 24/7.

Can I expect improved communication between patients and providers with Patient Partner?

Absolutely. Patient Partner is designed to enhance communication between patients and healthcare providers, fostering a more connected and informed healthcare experience.

What are the overall benefits of Voice Connect development partners?

Voice Connect's strategic software partnerships enable us to stay abreast of changes in the healthcare system and NHS developments. Our extensive experience working closely with these partners empowers us to implement developmental changes and plan effectively well in advance. Together, we lead the way in healthcare and technology solutions.