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  • Easy to use
  • Low cost lone worker protection
  • Full or partial escalation services available

At Voice Connect, we believe the best way to ensure that customers throughout the UK get the most out of our system is to make access as easy and flexible as possible. That’s why the Voice Connect Lone Worker app is available to all our users, and able to be used on Apple and Android smartphones and devices.

Lone workers can log in to the app, start a job, and set the time they want it to end. Users can then record a voice message explaining any pertinent information regarding the job, including where and who they are visiting and any potential dangers that may already be known, such as a history of violence or a hazardous environment. When a job ends, users can either choose to stop the job or extend it.

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Lone Worker Monitoring App

The Voice Connect Lone Worker Monitoring App is simple and user-friendly, allowing workers to quickly and easily set up a job. All of our lone worker services work around the concept of a “job” – the period of time that the lone worker wants to be monitored. This means that if they are incapacitated in any way, an alarm will still be triggered, and they will still receive help.

All users not only get the app but can also access the system by both mobile and landline phones, alongside any of our specialised Lone Working Devices. This flexibility enables organisations to deploy our lone worker services with the confidence that all staff can benefit from the solution.

Improve the health and safety of your lone workers and keep them safe in the event of an emergency with the Lone Working App from Voice Connect. If you’d like more information or a free quote for our services, contact us using the quick and easy enquiry form below.

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Lone Worker Tracking

Our specialised Lone Worker Monitoring App will set a reminder in the phone’s calendar when a job is coming to an end, providing a notification prompting the user to extend or stop a job. If a job is not extended or stopped after a certain period of time, an alarm may be triggered, alerting the team at our Alarm Receiving Centre (ARC).

This alarm can also be triggered manually using the app, prompting ARC staff to follow pre-agreed escalation procedures. Using the phone’s GPS functionality, our team will be able to view the user’s position when the alarm is triggered.

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    Key Features

    Phone Access

    The telephone remains the preferred method for patients to contact NHS services. Clinic Partner allows users to book, check, change, and cancel appointments automatically using their telephone keypad or mobile phone.

    Online Booking

    Using email registration, Clinic Partner, enables patients to access past and future appointments from their profile on our web portal. The portal sends appointment reminders via text and allows patients to book and cancel as and when they require.

    Self Check-in

    Be it a fixed kiosk or iPad/tablet check in, Clinic Partner works to alleviate pressure from the reception team with its self-check in features, allowing patients to automatically check-in when they arrive for their appointment. *Please note this is a software only element - the screen is not provided by Voice Connect*

    Calling Screen

    Clinic Partner comes with a waiting room display feature. The system highlights when clinicians are ready for the next patient and directs them to the correct room/cubicle. The feature can also display bespoke messages at the bottom of the screen, managed from the main back office. * Please note this is a software only element - the screen is not provided by Voice Connect*

    Facility Management

    Users of Clinic Partner can configure the system to their bespoke needs, this includes; number of rooms available, clinic opening hours, appointment availability, walk-in appointment availability and weekend/Bank Holiday management.


    Run reports online or via Microsoft Excel, Clinic Partner allows users to have valuable data at their fingertips. The system allows supervisors to access reporting remotely, aiding staff management and planning.

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