Online Payment Systems

  • Accept card payments via your website
  • Accept card payments via a Virtual Terminal
  • PCI compliant
  • Integrated with your customer database
  • Easy to use and flexible

Online payment systems from Voice Connect are designed to be flexible, efficient and easy to use, helping organisations across the UK accept secure online payments.

Our Virtual Terminal and secure checkouts make accepting online payments easy. Virtual Terminals are used worldwide to accept payments where the customer isn’t present, such as when taking a booking, a reservation, or ordering a product over the phone.

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Virtual Terminal Credit Card Processing

Voice Connect make Virtual Terminal credit card processing quick and easy, providing a secure yet flexible payment option for your business.

Our secure, PCI compliant Virtual Terminal can accept card-not-present (CNP) transactions while acting as a support and back office system which can connect with our other payment facilities. This provides a straightforward, accessible reporting system in connection with our other payment facilities.

To accept online payments, you will require a merchant account, which approves transactions between the customer’s bank account and your business account, and a payment gateway, ensuring the information is encrypted, and the transaction safe and secure.

If you don’t currently have a merchant account, Voice Connect works closely with various merchant account providers, offering competitive rates for card processing. Some sectors we work in are considered high-risk by merchant account providers, including mail-order furniture companies, debt collection and claims companies. If you’re struggling to obtain a merchant account, our team work with a range of specialist advisors who could help.

Whether you’re new to card processing or if you’d like a free, no-obligation review of your current merchant account to find out how our services could help you, contact Voice Connect today using the quick and easy enquiry form below.

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Virtual Terminal Benefits

Using a Virtual Terminal can have a range of benefits for your business:

  • Flexibility – Payments can be taken from anywhere with an internet connection.
  • Easy to use – Staff find a Virtual Terminal easy to use, as it’s just like checking out online.
  • Quick setup – A Virtual Terminal is a software solution that works with your existing computer system, meaning you don’t have to wait to deliver extra hardware before taking payments.

Our technical team can also offer shopping cart software to work alongside your existing website. This fully integrated system is white labelled and includes your company logo, branding and colour scheme, helping to reduce customer bounce rate and increase the number of customers who complete checkout. Our systems are fully PCI compliant, guaranteeing safe and secure transactions for you and your customers.

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    Key Features

    Phone Access

    The telephone remains the preferred method for patients to contact NHS services. Clinic Partner allows users to book, check, change, and cancel appointments automatically using their telephone keypad or mobile phone.

    Online Booking

    Using email registration, Clinic Partner, enables patients to access past and future appointments from their profile on our web portal. The portal sends appointment reminders via text and allows patients to book and cancel as and when they require.

    Self Check-in

    Be it a fixed kiosk or iPad/tablet check in, Clinic Partner works to alleviate pressure from the reception team with its self-check in features, allowing patients to automatically check-in when they arrive for their appointment. *Please note this is a software only element - the screen is not provided by Voice Connect*

    Calling Screen

    Clinic Partner comes with a waiting room display feature. The system highlights when clinicians are ready for the next patient and directs them to the correct room/cubicle. The feature can also display bespoke messages at the bottom of the screen, managed from the main back office. * Please note this is a software only element - the screen is not provided by Voice Connect*

    Facility Management

    Users of Clinic Partner can configure the system to their bespoke needs, this includes; number of rooms available, clinic opening hours, appointment availability, walk-in appointment availability and weekend/Bank Holiday management.


    Run reports online or via Microsoft Excel, Clinic Partner allows users to have valuable data at their fingertips. The system allows supervisors to access reporting remotely, aiding staff management and planning.

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