Lone Worker Solutions, Coventry

Coventry based utility company Severn Trent Water have been using our Lone Worker solutions for nearly 20 years and have recently migrated some of their users to our hosted platform.

Severn Trent Water Headquarters

Hosted Lone Worker Services

Severn Trent Water is one of the largest and most well known utility companies in the UK. Due to the nature of their work, looking after their lone working staff has always been a high priority.

Utilising Voice Connect’s hosted lone worker services for many years, Severn Trent Water have grown their in-house system to create a solution with full redundancy for over 2000 lone workers.

Voice Connect’s commitment to listening to our clients’ feedback can be seen with the development of GPS tracking for Severn Trent’s chemical tankers. This functionality was integrated into the lone working system to further protect their staff and the community.

Recently, a number of departments have broken away from the main Severn Trent company structure and needed to deploy lone working solutions for their staff quickly. Voice Connect’s new, fully managed, hosted service was perfect for their requirements and migration to this service is underway.