Patient Partner and the Implementation of Modern General Practice

Patient Partnership and the Implementation of ‘Modern General Practice

Transforming Primary Care with the Patient at the Centre

In today’s fast-paced world, where convenience and accessibility are paramount, the healthcare sector is undergoing significant transformation. Primary care practices are evolving to meet the changing needs and expectations of patients. The Department of Health and Social Care, in its GP contract – delivery plan for recovering access to primary care, emphasises the importance of patient partnership and implementing ‘Modern General Practice.’ These changes aim to ensure that patients receive timely and appropriate care tailored to their individual needs.

The key principles outlined in the plan emphasise that patients should know on the day how their request for care will be handled based on clinical need. This level of transparency is crucial in fostering patient confidence and trust in the healthcare system. By providing clear communication about the expected next steps, patients can better understand the process and feel more empowered in managing their own health.

Furthermore, the plan recognises and respects patients’ preferences when it comes to the mode of their appointment, whether it be a call, a face-to-face consultation, or an online appointment. This flexibility allows patients to choose the most suitable option based on their circumstances, ensuring that healthcare is accessible to all, regardless of location or mobility constraints. Embracing technology and automation can greatly enhance convenience and reduce barriers to care.

Meeting GP Contract Requirements with Patient Partner

One effective way for practices to meet the requirements outlined in the GP contract is by implementing a Patient Partner system. Patient Partner is a comprehensive solution that combines automated telephony booking and patient engagement tools to enhance the patient experience and support healthcare providers in delivering high-quality care.

By leveraging Patient Partner, practices can ensure that patients know how their requests will be handled on the day based on clinical needs. The system can automatically manage incoming requests and allocate appropriate appointments accordingly. This eliminates any uncertainty for patients and ensures that their care is prioritised appropriately.

Patient Partner also facilitates patient preferences by offering various appointment options. Patients can choose between a call, a face-to-face consultation, or an online appointment based on their preferences and circumstances. The system streamlines the appointment booking process, allowing patients to easily select the most suitable option and reducing the administrative burden on practice staff.

Moreover, Patient Partner promotes patient partnership by providing valuable communication and engagement tools. The system can send automated reminders, notifications, and health-related information to patients, keeping them informed and engaged in their care. Patients can also access their repeat prescription requests and test results and request fit notes via the telephone, empowering them to actively participate in their healthcare journey.

Patient Partner’s reporting and analytics capabilities enable practices to monitor and evaluate their performance in meeting the GP contract requirements. The system provides valuable insights into appointment demand, DNA, and resource allocation, enabling practices to make data-driven decisions and continuously improve their services.

Implementing Patient Partner not only helps practices meet their GP contract requirements but also enhances efficiency, patient satisfaction, and overall practice performance. By streamlining processes, reducing administrative burdens, and improving communication, practices can focus more on delivering personalised, high-quality care to their patients.

Introducing Patient Partner: Your Gateway to Hassle-free Primary Care

Voice Connect’s Patient Partner is an intelligent system working alongside practices existing telephone provider and clinical database. The software is designed to optimise primary care access and reduce the burden of the 8am telephone rush. By implementing Patient Partner, we aim to improve the patient experience while ensuring efficient allocation of resources.

How Voice Connect can help in Modern General Practice

Patient Partner is a powerful tool, working with SystmOne, Emis and Vision, as well as practising existing telephone suppliers. The cloud-based system helps practices meet their GP contract requirements while enhancing patient engagement, convenience, and access to care. By leveraging the system’s automated triage, appointment booking, and patient communication features, practices can foster patient partnership, streamline operations, and improve overall practice performance. With Patient Partner, practices can embrace the vision of ‘Modern General Practice’ and deliver patient-centred care that meets the evolving needs of today’s healthcare landscape.

At Voice Connect, we are committed to supporting healthcare providers in implementing Patient Partners and transforming primary care. Together, we can build a healthcare system that puts the patient at the centre, ensuring access to timely, appropriate, and personalised care.