Telephone Appointment Booking, UK

It’s a misconception amongst UK practices that online booking, including the NHS app, is set to overtake telephone appointment booking. It is widely reported that call handling is on the rise. The most common method of communication to both primary and secondary NHS facilities remains the phone. This is why automatic appointment booking software providers need to work alongside app and online booking, not compete with them, improving patient access across the board.

In terms of functionality, automatic phone booking appointment software has some benefits which are still unavailable to app and online users.

– The ability to book multiple or double appointment slots for specific appointment types, such as smear test

– Those who are not old enough to use the NHS app can still access the automated telephone appointment booking

Working with rules determined by the practice and set by your appointment book, automated telephone booking software often works with your existing phone supplier and clinical database. This provides a streamlined patient booking facility should you wish to change either provider. Automated phone booking covers all appointment types, including; nurse, vaccination, medical reviews and GP and secondary care.

Integrating automated appointment software has been proven to reduce calls to the reception team, with some providers also supplying repeat prescription functions. Not only can automation book appointments, but most systems allow patients to check, change and cancel, meaning a reduction in DNAs.

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