Enhancing Primary Care Access: A Commitment to Tackling the 8am Rush

Patient Partnership and the Implementation of ‘Modern General Practice

In accordance with the Department of Health and Social Care’s GP Contract – Delivery Plan for Recovering Access to Primary Care, Voice Connect is proud to present an innovative solution to address one of the long-standing challenges in healthcare—the 8am telephone rush. As a leading provider of telephony based solutions for the healthcare industry, we recognise the importance of making it easier and quicker for patients to access the care they need. Our Patient Partner system aims to streamline the patient experience and alleviate the strain on Primary Care services during peak hours.

Understanding the Challenges of the 8am Telephone Rush

The 8am telephone rush has been a recurring issue in healthcare settings, where a significant number of patients call their primary care providers at the start of the day to schedule appointments, seek medical advice, or request prescriptions. The surge in call volumes during this time often leads to long wait times, frustrated patients, and overwhelmed staff. Recognising the impact of this rush on both patients and healthcare professionals, the Department of Health and Social Care has emphasised the need for solutions to mitigate these challenges.

Introducing Patient Partner: Your Gateway to Hassle-free Primary Care

Voice Connect’s Patient Partner is an intelligent system working alongside practices existing telephone provider and clinical database. The software is designed to optimise primary care access and reduce the burden of the 8am telephone rush. By implementing Patient Partner, we aim to improve the patient experience while ensuring efficient allocation of resources.

How Does Patient Partner Work?

Efficient Call Routing: Working alongside Emis, SystmOne and Vision, Patient Partner utilises intelligent call routing based on unique surgery rule book and requirements resulting in efficiently managing incoming calls.

Appointment Management: Patient Partner empowers patients to take control of their appointments. Through the system, patients can easily book, check, change, and cancel appointments without the need for lengthy phone conversations or call backs. This feature streamlines the process and allows patients to manage their healthcare schedules conveniently at first point of contact with the surgery.

Third-Party Care Signposting: Patient Partner goes beyond appointment management by offering additional support. Patients can be seamlessly guided to relevant third-party care options, such as pharmacists or specific healthcare services, ensuring they receive the most appropriate care for their needs. This feature enhances patient navigation and helps individuals access the right resources in a timely manner.

Repeat Prescription Requests: Patient Partner simplifies the process of requesting repeat prescriptions. Patients can use the system to submit their prescription requests, eliminating the need for manual phone calls or visits. This functionality saves time for both patients and healthcare providers, streamlining the prescription process.

By incorporating these features, Patient Partner empowers patients to take an active role in managing their healthcare needs. The system optimises call routing, facilitates appointment management, provides third-party care signposting, and simplifies prescription requests. Through these capabilities, Patient Partner improves the overall patient experience, increases convenience, and ensures efficient use of resources within primary care practices.

Advantages of Patient Partner

Enhanced Patient Convenience: Patient Partner’s appointment management and prescription request features enable patients to conveniently access primary care services and fulfil their healthcare needs without the hassle of lengthy phone calls or visits.

Streamlined Workflow: By automating appointment management and prescription requests, Patient Partner reduces administrative burden and allows healthcare professionals to allocate their time and resources more efficiently.

Improved Patient Satisfaction: Patient Partner’s user-friendly interface and self-service capabilities contribute to a positive patient experience, promoting higher satisfaction levels and engagement with primary care services. The cloud based system is available 24/7, meaning that patients can have contact with the surgery outside of opening hours.

Optimised Resource Allocation: With Patient Partner facilitating call routing and providing appropriate care signposting, primary care practices can optimise their resources, ensuring that patients are connected to the right healthcare professionals and services promptly.

Voice Connect’s Patient Partner revolutionises primary care access by empowering patients and streamlining practice workflows. By embracing this innovative solution, primary care providers can enhance patient experience, improve efficiency, and deliver high-quality care in a more accessible and patient-centric manner.

Embracing the Future of Primary Care Access

Voice Connect understands the importance of patient-centred care and continuously strives to provide innovative solutions to enhance the healthcare experience. By adopting Patient Partner, healthcare practices can significantly reduce the strain caused by the 8am telephone rush, improving patient access, and fostering a more efficient healthcare system.

As the Department of Health and Social Care states in its GP Contract – Delivery Plan for Recovering Access to Primary Care, addressing the 8am rush is crucial for easier and quicker access to primary care. With Patient Partner, practices can embrace this commitment and transform the way they deliver care.

Book a DEMO for Voice Connect’s Patient Partner today and embark on a journey toward a patient-centric, streamlined primary care experience that benefits patients, healthcare professionals, and the entire healthcare system.